My Love Letter to you, Modge Podge Part I

Dear Modge Podge,

Let me first just say that through all the times I needed you, you were there for me. Paper to paper, fabric to paper, sealant – you have always supported me through all my ill-planned to well-thought-of/intentioned crafting projects. And for some reason, you seem to have an endless supply of white goo that dries ever so clear.

So, let’s run through all the crafts that I’ve used you for in the last year.

The first one is my Firefighter Patch Shadowbox. My fiance is a San Antonio firefighter and we love to travel. As a tradition, we trade patches with the other stations that we visit. From New Orleans to Peru to Costa Rica and even Paris, we’ve collected quite a few patches in our travels. When it came time to display them, I wanted to create a respectful, classic display that would go with any decor.

Enter the shadowbox idea. At first, I thought of using small pins to adhere to patches to the fabric backing. That was unsuccessful. Then I thought of ironing them on…that also was messy and didn’t work as well as I thought (ESPECIALLY WITH THE VELCRO PATCHES LOL!)

So, I Googled and there I first met you modge podge, with all your lofty promises to adhere anything to almost anything without leaving a trace. So, I got a paintbrush, and my modge and went to painting.

I was very pleased almost immediately that there was no puckering or bubbling to speak of and, any extra modge dried clear.

Here is our work in progress:



It’s in progress because we are still traveling of course!


  • Paintbrush
  • Modge podge
  • Something to glue to something else!

Stay tuned for the next letter when I write good ol’ MP about how well it sealed my rock garden paintings.


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