DIY Review – Glitter Letters

It’s been a long time since I posted and I do apologize. But between finals, the holidays & finishing up wedding planning, life has been crazy!

The good news is that I have many many upcoming DIY review projects for weddings and special events.

I wanted to add a little bling to my sweetheart/head table at my reception. So, I decided that making glitter letters would be the best idea! There are many DIY reviews for glitter letters, and honestly, they are not that hard to make. Make sure that you are prepared for a mess because glitter is very very messy.

I of course used ModgePodge with a foam brush and gold glitter. I painted these cardboard letters white first which may have not been too smart because the glitter seems to shed a little more, but at least the cardboard is not showing.


Featured image

You could make initials, or just plain old Mr. & Mrs. like I did to lend to a friend or use for your first anniversary!


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