Reading Log Template

Once upon a time, I was a classroom teacher for a 6th grade math class. My team teacher, the 6th grade reading teacher, had assigned nightly homework (as did I) and one thing I would constantly see were students with incomplete reading logs.

I thought to myself- how hard could this be? This student has to read for only 30 min and log their pages?! I assigned 5 problems a night! (25 math problems to an 11-year-old is torture).

So, on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I developed a fun reading incentive log that would help both teachers and students complete their reading assignments. Points for Pages is a basic token system that can be easily tracked by both the teacher and the student. 1 pt = 5 complete pages read. A key for prizes is below:


These can be completed in the classroom or as homework.

Download here for the blue template and here for the red template.


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