Table Numbers – Easiest Wedding DIY Project Fo’ Sho’

Long before I had an overall idea of what I wanted for all my wedding decor, I began to start thinking about table numbers. Now, I know the trend is to make “personalized” table numbers, like cities you’ve traveled to or song names you both like…but to save your guests some extra sappiness, stick to some basic table numbers. After all, your guests want to find their seat and not partake on a scavenger hunt.

Anyway, I am not a fan of the little table card holders with the clip. They can come off a little too casual. So I decided that picture frames would be what I used to hold up my table numbers. I found inexpensive frames at Hobby Lobby that were on sale for 2.99/each and painted them gold with gold acrylic paint (because gold was an accent color).

I took 5×7 navy cardstock and embossed it with my Cuttlebug. Then using the generic Cricut numbers/letters program, I cut out all 13 of my numbers in ivory and cardboard cardstock. I finished them off with a simple piece of lace I had lying around in my crafting drawer.



And here is a glimpse into the reception ballroom with all the decor with a tiny table number 7:


Seating chart tutorial to follow!


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