One Page Math Accommodation Sheet – Middle School

Once upon a time there was an annual test called TAKS-A, an accommodate version of Texas’ standardized testing that most students in most grades were accountable for. The year I entered education was the second to last year of TAKS. Now it’s STAAR and there’s more information on that test here.

Now there are still graphic organizers and paper organizers that are allowed on the test. Remember, if you can prove that you use it regularly in the classroom, then you can submit to have it approved for test day.

So, fast forward a handful of years when I taught 7th grade math (no it wasn’t exactly the 9th circle, but some days it sure felt like it!)

I created a simple graphic organizer for my 504/SPED kids (with allowable accommodations) who were struggling with the basics. I honestly wanted to ween them off of seeing it on the organizer and get them to copy their own on their own STAAR test so that they could remember basic algorithms and processes.  For my visual learners, it worked well. I also taught hand signals that went with most of these pictures below, which helped a handful as well.

This sheet is something easy, low tech and super simple I made one afternoon. The kids used it in their interactive notebooks (more on that later) and on quizzes. It had fraction strips, a blank number line, a proportion, the algorithm jingle we made up for dividing fractions, a thinking web for word problems and a least to greatest reminder for the words “ascending” and “descending” which some of my ELL students struggled with. Here’s a JPEG below. I do not have it available for download but some other goodies can be found on my TPT site.



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